Adding Centimeter Level Position Accuracy to Rugged Tablet PCs

Leuven, Belgium and Deventer, The Netherlands Septentrio jointly announced with Handheld Benelux, the regional distributor of the Handheld Group products that they offer an integrated mobile solution perfectly suited for geospatial applications. This mobile solution combines the use of an Algiz rugged tablet PC with a highly accurate GNSS device called AsteRx-m GeoPod that enables accurate position measurements up to 1 cm level.

Easy to use, compact and robust, the association of the two IP65-rated components is ready to endure critical missions dependably, even in the toughest conditions experienced by the mobile workforce. Completed with a Windows GIS-mapping software of choice, this RTK capable solution remove the necessity of using traditional professional GNSS equipment; field operators can perform sub-meter accurate positioning with ordinary and familiar user friendly tools. Centimeter level accuracy is achieved by connecting an external survey grade antenna to the receiver. The AsteRx-m GeoPod integrates seamlessly with existing GIS software thanks to the suite of GUI utilities RxTools and the configuration module RxAssistant, also included in the solution.

"We are excited to propose this combined offer and readily usable solution that brings superior value to the mobile workforce in the geospatial industry," said Peter Grognard, Septentrio's founder and CEO. "It is a new example of how we generate value added with simple and robust solutions."

"We are very happy with the establishment of this partnership. As Handheld we are always looking for superior products and strong partners to provide added value to our rugged mobile platforms, and together with Septentrio we see a strong partnership within the Geospatial industry." Says Peter ter Linde, Managing Director of Handheld Benelux.

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About Septentrio

Septentrio Satellite Navigation designs, manufactures, sells and supports high-precision OEM GNSS receivers for the most demanding professional navigation, positioning and timing applications. Septentrio delivers breakthrough technology in the development of high-end GNSS receiver instruments and the integration of hybrid solutions. Septentrio receivers offer unrestricted signal tracking capability and the most comprehensive range of countermeasures to mitigate GNSS vulnerability.

About Handheld

The Handheld Group is a manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, PDAs and smartphones. Handheld and its partners worldwide deliver complete mobility solutions to businesses in industries such as geomatics, logistics, forestry, public transportation, utilities, construction, maintenance, mining, military and security. The Handheld Group of Sweden has local offices in Finland, the U.K., the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the USA.

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