Hemisphere GPS Replaces R Series Receivers with R330 GNSS Receiver

Effective immediately, Hemisphere GNSS has discontinued the manufacture of the products listed in the table below. In accordance with Hemisphere GNSS' product discontinuation policy, we are hereby giving notice of these product changes so that your company can adjust its product purchasing records.

The R Series listed below has been replaced by the new R330 GNSS Receiver. The R330, with a base configuration of L1 GPS/GLONASS, provides easy scalability to L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS. Customizable features also include 20 Hz update rate, L-Band, Beacon and RTK. You can upgrade your receiver by purchasing and activating firmware features at the time of purchase or after receiving it. Please make sure you select an antenna that supports the desired configuration or contact your account manager.

The R330 maintains the existing R Series enclosure to ensure the look and feel will be the same. For more information on the R330 GNSS Receiver, please see our product details page.

In accordance with Hemisphere GNSS product discontinuation policy we will continue to service these products until their End-of-Repair Date (outlined below). When we are unable to service a product, Hemisphere GNSS reserves the right to replace the product with an appropriately-configured R330 product. All existing online support materials will remain available and can continue to be referenced by our customers and partners until End-of-Support Date.

Please contact us with any additional questions.

End of Life Products:

Product Number Description End of Repair Date End of Support Date
940-2077-000 R100 Receiver Kit 02/25/2014 02/25/2016
940-2078-000 R110 Receiver Kit 02/25/2014 02/25/2016
940-2079-000 R120 Receiver Kit 02/25/2014 02/25/2016
940-2067-000 R131 Receiver Kit 02/25/2014 02/25/2016
940-2048-000 R220 Receiver Kit 02/25/2014 02/25/2016
940-9010-000 R220 GPS RECEIVER 02/25/2014 02/25/2016
940-2071-000 R320 Receiver Kit 02/25/2014 02/25/2016
940-2076-000 R320 Receiver Kit w/ RAC 02/25/2014 02/25/2016

Replacement Products:

Product Number Description
940-2103-000 R330 GNSS Receiver Kit

For more information about the products discussed in this press release, please consult our detailed product pages.

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