Pacific Crest 25 kHz Radio Trade-In Program (US Only)

August 30, 2012 - On 1 January 2013, FCC Narrowbanding regulations will require that all data radios transmitting in 25 kHz channels in the United States operate with a radio link rate of 19200 bits per second. (Radios transmitting in 12.5 kHz channels are not affected by Narrowbanding restrictions.) Pacific Crest's current ADL line of radios operate in both 12.5 and 25 kHz channels and are optimized for Narrowbanding, but older generations of 25 kHz radios can suffer performance degradation at 19200 bps. We therefore recommend that all US customers with PDL and older, 25 kHz radios upgrade to ADL radios.

To help with the transition to Narrowbanding, Pacific Crest is now offering a $200 discount to US customers who trade in any brand or model of 25 kHz, 450-470 MHz radio for a new 35 Watt ADL Vantage Pro radio and antenna cable. (The PDL HPB and ADL Vantage Pro use different antenna cables but the same antennas, data cables, power accessories, etc.)

Ordering Information

When: The 25 kHz Radio Trade-In program will be in effect between September 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

What: Customers should order Part Number 75450-43-FCC when they trade in their old radio

Part Number Price
ADL Vantage Pro Upgrade Kit 75450-43-FCC $2,090
ADL Vantage Pro, 35 W, 430-473 MHz 75450-43 $2,195
TNC-to-NMO antenna cable 86917 $95
Trade in any 25 kHz, 450-470 MHz radio -$200.00

How: Customers should turn in any 25 kHz, 450-470 MHz radio to their local distributors. The distributor should record the model, part number and serial number of the trade-in radio, and include this information on the Purchase Order submitted to Pacific Crest Sales.

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