Ashtech MB100


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Ashtech MB100


The Ashtech MB 100 GNSS Receiver is a highly efficient board that can be used to track GPS and GLONASS signals. It is capable of providing precise and reliable real-time positioning information. Despite its compact design, it has room for two antennae connectors so that it can be seamlessly integrated with devices such as handheld and tablet devices.

The embedded Z-Blade technology allows the MB100 to deliver highly accurate surveying and positioning solutions by utilizing multiple GNSS constellations. With the Z-Blade technology, the available GNSS signals are being used equally to deliver stable and fast solutions.

Furthermore, the MB100 offers enhanced multipath mitigation to reduce interferences caused by multipath, which are interferences that occur when signals are being reflected off surfaces such as trees, windows of buildings or the ground.


Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (W x H x D): 58 mm x 56 mm x 11 mm
Weight: 22 g
Power Consumption: 0.8W in GPS L1
0.95W in GPS L1/L2 or GPA+GLONASS L1
Power Input: 3.3V DC with 10% input variation allowed
Back-up Power: 2.6 to 3.3V DC
Operating Temperature: -40 C to +85 C


The Ashtech MB100 GNSS Receiver Module is available through Blue Planet Geometics. For additional information, please contact us using the Request Pricing form.

Product: Ashtech MB100
Manufacturer: Ashtech Precision
Category: L1/L2 Receivers Embedded