GPS Source A11XLV - GPS Gain Control Amplifier

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GPS Source A11XLV - GPS Gain Control Amplifier

The AllXLV is ideal for Automated Test Environments (ATE), the A11XLV is a high gain, high dynamic range Digital GPS Amplifier. Designed specifically for GPS applications, the A11XLV has provisions for supplying the DC voltage for the active antenna, including an optional feature for monitoring the health of the receive antenna system. The product includes additional optional features for oscillation detection and prevention, and filtering for the GPS L1 & L2 bands. The A11XLV also includes an optional integrated GPS receiver,which enables a calibrated and controlled output at the user defined level, regardless of the uncertain loss or gain in the receive antenna cable network (Future opt.). The A11XLV features digital display with a user friendly menu enabling easy operation and configuration of the device. With an optional Bluetooth wireless interface also available,the A11XLV may be configured remotely when access to the system is not convenient.

Note:The GPS Source A11XLV with power control option is the product you need to facilitate FCC authorization of your site for GPS Repeaters.

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Product: GPS Source A11XLV - GPS Gain Control Amplifier
Manufacturer: GPS Source
Category: GPS Amplifiers