GPS Source S14WI - 1x4 Wireless GPS Splitter

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GPS Source S14WI - 1x4 Wireless GPS Splitter

The S14WI is designed to meet the demanding, high reliability requirements of the wireless infrastructure market. The cost of multiple antennas and long cable runs in wireless base stations is eliminated. The S14WI can be configured to monitor the GPS antenna current, providing an alarm indication if the antenna is not operating according to specifications.

The S14WI features an optional DC bias "Pick & Choose" circuit which allows for the active antenna DC input to be appied to any or all of the RF outputs. The S14WI is available with more options than any competitive product on the market.

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Product: GPS Source S14WI - 1x4 Wireless GPS Splitter
Manufacturer: GPS Source
Category: GPS Splitters and Combiners