Hemisphere A101 Smart Antenna

A101 Smart Antenna

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Hemisphere A101 Smart Antenna


Hemisphere's A101 Smart Antenna combines an antenna with a receiver enclosed in a robust housing. Because it can track L1 GPS signals, it can be used for a large number of applications, including GIS mapping, agricultural, and marine projects.

The Hemisphere A101 Smart Antenna is characterized as providing rapid start-up as well as reacquisition times. It is accurate up to 60 centimeters. Moreover, its high output rate is up to 20 times per second. This makes it well suited for operations that demand trustworthy visual guidance and steering signals.

The company’s COAST software makes it possible for the smart antenna component to use differential correction data previously recorded when there is blockage or interference of the signal. In times when there are no differential signals available, the A101 can retain sub-meter positioning up to 40 minutes thanks to COAST technology.


Technical Specifications

Receiver type: L1 GPS
Channels: 27, including 3 for SBAS
Ports: 2 full duplex RS232, CAN
Protection: Shock, vibration, humidity
Size: 104 mm H by 145 mm D
Weight: 558 grams
Operating temperature: -40 degrees C to +70 degrees C


The Hemisphere A101 Smart Antenna can be ordered through Blue Planet Geomatics. If you have any question, please complete the Request Pricing form and send us a message.

Product: Hemisphere A101 Smart Antenna
Manufacturer: Hemisphere GNSS
Category: L1 GNSS Smart Antennas