Hemisphere GPS - Eclipse II GNSS OEM Module

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Hemisphere GPS - Eclipse II GNSS OEM Module

Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


Hemisphere GPS’s Eclipse II GNSS OEM module provides a great deal of scalability. It is designed as a platform for L1 GPS only to L1/L2 GNSS signals.

The unit enables very quick RTK reacquisition and correction rates. It also offers multipath mitigation, which minimizes interference coming from signals reflected from buildings and trees.

The company’s SureTrack innovation makes high RTK performance possible using the Eclipse II OEM. SureTrack helps the RTK rover use all available satellites.

This minimizes the RTK dropout rate and improves RTK correction and signal acquisition speed. SureTrack makes it possible to mix GNSS data from several manufacturers.


Technical Specifications

Channels: 80, including 3 for SBAS
Ports: 3 full duplex 3.3 VCMOS
Size: 109.2 mm L by 71.1 mm W by 16.0 mm H
Weight: 71 grams
Operating temperature: -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C
Status indication: Differential lock, L-Band lock, DGPS position, power
Power consumption: 2.5 Watts
Differential options: OmniSTAR (G2/HP/VBS/XP), SBAS, RTK, External RTCM, Autonomous
Protection against: Power, vibration, mechanical shock, humidity


The Eclipse II GNSS OEM module from Hemisphere GNSS can be ordered through Blue Planet Geomatics. Please don’t hesitate to send us a message by completing the Request Pricing form if you have any question about this module.

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