Hemisphere GPS - R131 DGPS Receiver

R131 DGPS Receiver

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Hemisphere GPS - R131 DGPS Receiver

Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The replacement product is the Hemisphere GPS - R330 GNSS Receiver.


The Hemisphere GNSS R131 DGPS receiver is highly flexible and supports a wide selection of differential correction options such as SBAS, e-Dif, OmniSTAR, and Radio Beacon, It offers reliable positioning with accuracy of sub-meter level. This receiver is also upgradable to support RTK if higher accuracy is needed.

The R131 receiver supports fast update rate and is capable of sending out 20 outputs every second. It has a design that supports features such as rack mountable enclosure, a soft power switch for easy operation, and display indicators at the front. In addition, to ensure a reliable connection, the R131 uses a PPS output with an SMA connector.

The R131 receiver makes use of the COAST technology and continues to work for about 40 minutes at times that differential correction signals are unavailable. In addition, the receiver provides an intuitive menu for easy configuration and maintenance.


Technical Specifications

Signals: GPS, SBAS, e-Dif, Radio Beacon, and OmniSTAR
Size (L x H x W): 18.8 cm x 7.1 cm x 11.4 cm
Weight: 860 g
Connector (power): Metal ODU with 2 pins (power)
TNC-F (antenna)
DB9-F (data)
Operating temperature: -30 Celcius to +70 Celcius
Communication ports: RS232 (full duplex) x 2, USB


The R131 DGPS receiver from Hemisphere GNSS can be ordered through Blue Planet Geomatics. Please do not hesitate to complete the Request Pricing form and send us a message if you have any question.

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