Hemisphere GPS - VS111 GPS Compass

VS111 GPS Compass

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Hemisphere GPS - VS111 GPS Compass

Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The replacement product is the Hemisphere GPS - VS131 Receiver.


The Hemisphere GPS VS111 GPS Compass offers accurate heading and positioning information at an affordable cost, and is perfect for applications used for navigation or controlling machine.

The Crescent Vector II technology provides a wide range of new functionalities to this receiver. These functionalities include pitch, roll, and heave output, and improved performance.

Furthermore, the VS111 offers an intuitive and easy to use user interface so that operator can configure and monitor the receiver easily. The two antennas of the receiver can be mounted separately according to the needs of the applications.


Technical Specifications

Channels: 12-channel x 2 (parallel tracking)
10-channel x 2 (with SBAS tracking)
Size (L x H x W): 189 mm x 71 mm x 114 mm
Weight: 0.86 kg
Communication: RS232 x 2
Operating temperature: -30 Celsius to +70 Celsius
Update rate: 10 Hz (standard), 20 Hz (position and heading)


The VS111 from Hemisphere GPS is available from Blue Planet Geomatics. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to complete the Request Pricing form and send us your message.

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