Hemisphere GPS - XF2 Data Collector

XF2 Data Collector

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Hemisphere GPS - XF2 Data Collector

Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


The XF2 Data Collector by Hemisphere GPS contains a highly sensitive antenna and a robust GPS module. It is suitable for fieldwork applications. It can be connected to an external GPS antenna.

The XF2 is equipped with an on-board digital camera with a resolution of 3 mega-pixel. The camera can be used to capture photos of the field. If more storage space is needed, additional Micro SD cards can be installed.

In addition, the XF2 data collector is capable of supporting communication protocols such as Bluetooth, WiFi, as well as GPRS. It is compatible with devices such as RFID readers, barcode readers, or printers. Moreover, the gravity sensor of the unit alerts users when it falls.

The XF2 operates on the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system and comes bundled with a comprehensive set of tools such as Windows Mobile Office.


Technical Specifications

Size (L x H x W): 179.5 mm x 31.5 mm x 91.2 mm
Weight: 250 g (without the battery)
Screen: 3.5 QVGA TFT colored touchscreen
Operating temperature: -10 Celsius to +60 Celsius
Communication: Bluetooth, WiFi and Mini USB
Storage: 256 MB NAND flash, 128 MB SDRAM


The XF2 data collector can be purchased through Blue Planet Geomatics. For any inquiry, please fill out the Request Pricing form and send us your questions.

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