Juniper Systems Archer Longbow

Archer Longow

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Juniper Systems Archer Longbow

Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The replacement product is the Juniper Systems ikeGPS Rugged Handheld Range Finder.


Juniper Systemsí Archer Longbow combines the functions of PC, 3D compass, digital camera, GPS receiver and laser range finder. It is used to capture verifiable GIS field data speedily and free from danger. It is not only fast and long range, but also accurate, tough, light and small.

New point-and-shoot GPS laser technology makes it possible for users to capture position data remotely for any desirable target up to 1000 meters distant. This protects the user and increases efficiency by reducing field time.

The Archer longbow is pointed at a distant target. The user pushes a button to obtain the targetís GPS coordinate along with a picture of the object. A precise digital image with crosshairs is recorded along with descriptive information. These data serve mobile GIS (i.e. ESRI ArcPad 8.0) or other application programs.


Technical Specifications

Computer: 520 mHz processor
Windows Mobile software
128 MB RAM, 512 MB storage
Bluetooth 2.0 class 1
Weight: 1 kg
Accuracy: GPS from 2 to 5 meters
WAAS 2 meters
Camera resolution: 3 or 5 MP depending on model
Zoom: Digital, 30x
Battery: 6 to 8 hours typical use


More Information


The Archer Longbow from Juniper Systems is available through Blue Planet Geomatics. Please feel free to contact us using the Request Pricing form if you would like more information about it.

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