Juniper Systems TK6000 Rugged Handheld Computer


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Juniper Systems TK6000 Rugged Handheld Computer

Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


Juniper Systemsí TK6000 rugged handheld computer is designed for rugged field service and expandability to serve customersí data acquisition requirements. It can be dropped more than five feet onto concrete, immersed in water, used in extreme temperatures.

The display can be easily read in sunlight; large color-coded keys are easy to use. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless communications are integrated. Two rechargeable batteries provide up to 32 hours operation from a single charge.

The product is considered to be a mobile platform for field workers that can be configured according to specific needs. Expansion packs attach quickly to integrate communication options and/or special sensors. As an option in North America, a cellular GSM data modem expansion pack can be obtained to add remote connection between field and office.


Technical Specifications

Size: 266 L by 129 mm W by 47 mm H
Weight: 851 grams
Operating systems: Microsoft Windows Mobile and Mobile Office
Viewing area: 89 mm diagonal
Memory: 128 MB RAM, 1 GB internal data storage, Micro SD/SDHC slot
Operating temperature: -30 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius


The TK6000 Rugged Handheld Computer from Juniper Systems can be ordered through Blue Planet Geomatics. Please use the Request Pricing form to contact us if you need more information.

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