Septentrio AiRx2 OEM


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Septentrio AiRx2 OEM


The AiRx2 OEM by Septentrio Satellite Navigation is a GNSS/SBAS receiver board designed for precise aviation uses such as ADS-B, LPV approach and RNP-RNAV. It can be certified to aviation standards. The compact module with low power usage is suitable, for example, for airplane and helicopter cockpits, in-flight demonstrations and test beds. It can be upgraded to include dual-frequency L1/L5 or dual-constellation GPS/Galileo signals.

AiRx2 is configured around the ASIC AReCo, a 64 parallel channel multi system. Both hard- and software meet requirements for en-route, approach and terminal operation. Data provided can be stand-alone or differential position. The board also provides code and carrier phase data for ground reference stations.

Fault Detection and Exclusion as well as Integrity Monitoring are provided. Several interface formats are supported so that the unit can be integrated in different products.


Technical Specifications

Position accuracy: As low as 3 meters
Speed: 514 m/s
Altitude: 18,000 m
Size: 61 by 100 by 13.5 mm
Weight: 100 grams
Power consumption: 3W
Communications: Serial and bidirectional
Operating temperature: -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C
MTBF: 60,000 hours


The AiRx2 receiver board can be ordered from Blue Planet Geomatics. If you would like to learn more about this receiver board, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the Request Pricing form.

Product: Septentrio AiRx2 OEM
Manufacturer: Septentrio Satellite Navigation
Category: L1 Receivers Embedded