Tallysman TW2920 Antenna

TW2920 Datasheet

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Tallysman TW2920 Antenna


Tallysman’s TW2920 is a wideband multi-constellation/L-band antenna equipped with Accutenna™ technology. It delivers incredible performance in a small, compact form factor—just under six centimetres in diameter—with incredible multipath rejection, tight phase centre variation, and linear phase response. It also features a dual-feed wideband path element and a pre-filter and LNA which work together to ensure a superior signal-to-noise ratio without any loss of signal integrity. Housed in a weather-resistant plastic radome and available with a variety of mounting options, The TW2920 is perfect for a range of applications where precision is key, such as agriculture, machine control, and vehicle guidance. With powerful shielding from sub-harmonic and near-frequency signals (such as Wi-Fi), as well as multipath rejection, it can be used in urban environments without fear of interference.


Technical Specifications

1 dB Bandwidth: 85 MHz
LNA Frequency Bandwidth: 1510 MHz to 1610 MHz
Polarization: RHCP
Size (D x H): 57 mm x 15 mm
Weight: 100 g
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C


The Tallysman TW2920 is available through Blue Planet Geomatics. If you would like to learn more about them, please feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.

Product: Tallysman TW2920 Antenna
Manufacturer: Tallysman Wireless
Category: GNSS Antennas