GPS Source GPSRHL15 – GPS 5

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110V Power Option, 0-30dB Variable Atten. / 9VDC Output Antenna Voltage / Standard 5″ hood with ecosorb / SMA connectors / Application: For contained signal testing / test bench applications”

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Complete end-to-end testing of GPS systems must, by definition, include the application’s receiving antenna. GPS Repeaters are a viable option where potential interference issues are not a concern. When a GPS Repeater is not an option, a viable and cost effective solution is the GPS Source Antenna Hood. At a fraction of the cost of a full blown screen room or chamber, the GPS Source Antenna Hood (GPSRH) will supply your application’s receive antenna with the necessary GPS signals.

Key Features

  • Enclosed Environment, Eliminating the need for GPS Repeaters
  • L1 and L1/L2 Versions Available
  • Optional 0-30dB Variable Attenuation
  • 5in. internal hood Diameter
  • Standard Eccosorb å¨ SF 1.5 lining