GPS Source S18WI – 1×8 Wireless GPS Splitter

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GPS/Galileo/GLONASS Power Divider / Surge Protection / Waterproof / Wireless Splitter / Environmental Housing / N-female connectors

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The S18WI is designed to be ruggedized. The cost of multiple antennas and long cable runs is eliminated. The S18WI can be configured to monitor the GPS antenna current, providing an alarm indication if the antenna is not operating according to specifications.

The S18WI features an optional DC bias Pick & Choose circuit which allows for the active antenna DC input to be appied to any or all of the RF outputs. The S18WI is available with more options than any competitive product on the market.


  • Amplified to Offset Splitter Losses
  • Standard Antenna DC Bias Select
  • Optional Antenna Current Monitor

    and Alarm

  • Optional Filtered L1 Output
  • Pole-mount Environmental Housing

    Available (IEC 529 level IP55)

  • Surge Protection Standard

    (Tested to EN61000-4-5)