Septentrio Pin-Point GIS Software Suite

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Greatly reduce the time and complexity of your data collection process with Septentrio's PinPoint-GIS Software Suite.

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If you are looking for a powerful GIS data collection utility software, look no further than the Septentrio PinPoint-GIS Software Suite. It is a web interface with a direct link to ArcGIS Online; available on most operating systems and accessible through the Pinpoint-GIS Android app. The Android app enables accuracy level from any Android GIS application running on your mobile device.

Features of the Septentrio PinPoint-GIS Software Suite

  • Straightforward GIS data collection
  • Reliability and scalable accuracy guaranteed
  • Any platform, anywhere
  • Cloud inside
  • Full ArcGIS compatibility

Technical Specifications

Operating system: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows, Linux and Mac OS web
Android 4.3 or later App
Supported GNSS Receivers: APS-NR2, APS-GeoPod, APS-3, AsteRx4
Receiver Configurations: GSM, NTRIP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Antenna height, Custom configuration (script), Logging


The PinPoint-GIS Software Suite is available through Blue Planet Geomatics. For any inquiry, please fill in the Request Pricing form and send us your questions.