Trimble BD920 GNSS OEM Module

The Trimble BD920 GNSS receiver module has been designed for applications requiring centimeter accuracy in a very small package.

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The Trimble BD920 GNSS OEM Module is used for navigation applications in various platforms that need reliable positioning and centimeter accuracy. The module is designed to protect high-quality GNSS signals from EMI sources on the host platform and reduce radiation emissions, facilitating compliance certification.

The Trimble BD920 GNSS OEM Module’s compact design makes it ideal for embedding in mobile platforms. The receiver module serves as a reliable positioning interface for unmanned vehicles, control systems, external processing devices and office computers under all environments. You can configure the receiver to be a base or reference station or a mobile or rover receiver. The BD920 module also has automatic initialization and lets you switch between positioning modes for greater precision.

Trimble’s solid RTK technology and high quality standards of manufacturing and testing ensure high update rate and low latency (< 20 m/sec) for precise positioning. Centimeter-level accuracy is based on carrier phase RTK and submeter accuracy code-based solutions. Receiver output is streamed and provides information such as time, position, heading, number of tracked satellites, quality assurance (figure of merit) numbers and one pulse per second (1 PPS) strobe signal for precise time synchronization of remote devices. Receiver control is through serial ethernet or USB port with web interface or binary interface commands.


The Trimble BD920 receiver module has multi-constellation GNSS support for the fastest and most reliable RTK initializations at 1-2 centimeter-level positioning. The kalman filter PVT engine supports applications that do not require centimeter-level positioning. It also provides accurate GNSS, DGNSS or SBAS in all environments.

Other features:

  • 220-channel Trimble Maxwell 6 chip position antenna
  • Different configurations (including GPS only and single frequency RTK)
  • Password-upgradeable features
  • Easy integration
  • Easy-to-use software commands
  • High speed data transfer through Ethernet connection
  • GNSS carrier phase measurements (low noise) with <1 mm precision in a 1 Hz bandwidth
  • Trimble low elevation tracking technology
  • Trimble Maxwell 6 Custom Survey GNSS Technology
  • Multiple network protocol support
  • Multiple reference outputs
  • Multiple navigation outputs
  • Up to 20 Hz raw measurement and position outputs
  • Event Marker Input Support
  • 1 Pulse Per Second (PPS) Output
  • Supports multiple web browsers (for control software)
  • 1 USB port and 1 LAN Ethernet port
  • LED drive support
  • Fault Detection and Exclusion (FDE) support, Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM)
  • 4 ÌÑ RS-232 ports with baud rates up to 115,200
  • 1 Hz, 2 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, and 20 Hz positioning and heading outputs (depending on installed option)

Technical Specifications

The shielded module measures 51 mm x 41 mm x 7 mm and is completely drop-in and solder-down for easy installation. The receiver can be configured for mobile platforms like unmanned vehicles and external devices or as a reference/base station in office computers.


Trimble is a trusted name among industry professionals. The company’s focus on the latest embedded positioning technologies ensures painless operation and long-term future-proofing. Trimble leads the industry and moves it forward with proven low-elevation tracking technology, improved RTK initialization and on-board multipath mitigation. The Trimble BD920 GNSS OEM Module is available to original equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and system integrators. Choose from a variety of configurations from L1 SBAS upwards.

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