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The use of GPS/GNSS components for position, timing, and navigation applications has exploded in the past ten years. And buyers are placing an increased emphasis on partnering with distributors who are knowledgeable and experienced with the use of GPS/GNSS equipment.

Blue Planet Geomatics is a progressive distributor of OEM GNSS boards, sensors, antennas and retransmission devices. Staff at Blue Planet Geomatics have been employed in the GNSS industry for twenty years, both in sales and in technical support roles. Our goal is to pass along our knowledge to our diverse and growing clientele…we want to make your job of selecting GNSS components as simple as possible.

We encourage you to explore our new website. Check out our entire line of products and contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss your project needs in greater detail.

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If you can’t find the part you’re looking for or have a question about any GPS/GNSS solutions or products, call us at 1-519-821-3661 and we’ll help you find what you need, including parts not listed on our website.