What happens when you combine industry-leading technologies from industry-leading companies, and you fit the combination of the technologies into a small, compact box? That’s exactly what Hemisphere did to create the VS-i8 inertial navigation system (INS), and as it turns out, the formula delivers extraordinary results.

Into a small box of 9 cm in length, 6 cm in width, and 6 cm in height (9.1L x 6.5W x 3.1H in inches), Hemisphere managed to put a navigation system of Hemisphere Vega™ 60 GNSS position and heading engine with the Honeywell® HG4930 IMU, and Honeywell’s proprietary sensor fusion technology. Some features of the VS-i8 include a dual-antenna heading, real-time data logging, SDK and ROS drivers, non-ITAR control, and 0.03° heading, 0.015° pitch and roll accuracy on a 2m baseline.

The small box itself weighs less than 500 grams (less than 1.1 lb.) but don’t let the weight and the dimensions fool you. Although rated as waterproof, the Hemisphere VS-i8 can withstand much more than that. The elements won’t even scratch it, as it can withstand operating temperatures that range from -40°C to +71°C (-40°F to +160°F). This makes the Hemisphere VS-i8 INS excellent for any aerial, land, and marine applications.

The Hemisphere VS-i8 can be utilized for any application that requires precise navigation. Still, due to its extreme and unmatched precision and accurate navigation capabilities, it’s best suited for mission-critical types of situations.

RTK performance with multi-frequency, multi-GNSS, and RTK activations is the standard VS-i8 configuration, and it can store up to 16GB of real-time data.

The Hemisphere VS-i8 INS is able to support frequencies and recieve signals from GPS (L1CA/L1P/L1C/L2P/L2C/L5), GLONASS (G1/G2/G3, P1/P2), GALILEO (E1BC/E5a/E5b/E6BC/ AltBOC), BeiDou (B1i/B2i/B3i/B1C/B2a/B2b/ AceBOC), QZSS (L1CA/L2C/L5/L1C/L6), NavIC (IRNSS) L5 signals, as well as Atlass L-band signals.

Further increasing the versatility, the possibilities, and the performance of the Hemisphere VS-i8 is that it can be combined with Atlas® global PPP corrections, SBAS, or autonomous positioning modes. Utilizing the highly accurate dual-antenna heading and pairing the Vega 60-powered GNSS heading performance of the VS-i8 with two Hemisphere A45 GNSS antennas results in extraordinarily accurate short and long-baseline configurations.

Hemisphere VS-i8 combines the best technologies and systems into an incredible, error-free VS-i8 inertial navigation system. The VS-i8 INS on its own covers a wide range of aerial, land, and marine applications; however, being able to pair it up with different antennas or systems opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Hemisphere VS-i8 is the best of the best.

Designed for situations where continuous navigation information is required, the Hemisphere VS-i8 inertial navigation system is now available at competitive prices from Blue Planet Geomatics.


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