New GNSS Signal Splitters Available

Tallysman Wireless Inc recently announced the release of two new Smart Power GNSS signal splitters onto the market, adding to its already impressive line-up of GNSS accessories. Always on the cutting edge of GNSS equipment and technology, these new GNSS signal splitters are available here at Blue Planet Geomatics.

The new Smart Power GNSS signal splitters from Tallysman are engineered to improve GNSS service reliability, reducing the chances of signal reception failures.

Safety, timing, security, and infrastructure rely on GNSS and require a high degree of availability. Essential to minimizing service interruptions, Tallysman’s Smart Power GNSS signal splitters are both resilient and fault-tolerant.

Earlier versions of GNSS signal splitters experienced a single point of failure due to there being only one attached receiver, which powered both the splitter and also the antenna. Should this receiver fail or become unplugged, all other attached receivers would also fail. These new signal splitters from Tallysman overcome this challenge through built-in redundancy in case of failure.

The two new Smart Power GNSS signal splitters from Tallysman include the TW162 which comprises of one antenna and two receivers, and the TW164, which offers one antenna and four receivers. These new releases provide both system redundancy and fail-over capability. As the splitter receives power from all the attached GNSS receivers, priority is given to port #1 if its voltage is within the specified range. Should port #1 fail, become disconnected or draw power below the under-voltage or over the over-voltage specification, the next receiver in numerical order that is attached and drawing power and voltage within the expected range will automatically deliver power to the splitter and the antenna. If the antenna should fail and not draw current, the receiver powering the splitter will be provided with a current draw lower than 1 mA, to indicate an antenna fault. 

Offering the best-in-class performance in terms of noise figure, isolation, and linearity, the new Tallysman TW162 and TW164 are contained within a compact, lightweight, and waterproof (IP67) corrosion-protected aluminum housing. Both splitters are available with your choice of TNC or type-N connectors. Also available are two gain options, 10 dB gain and standard gain to compensate for any signal-splitting loss. 

Fully supporting the full GNSS spectrum, including GPS/QZSS-L1/L2/L5, QZSS-L6, GLONASS-G1/G2/G3, Galileo-E1/E5a/E5b/E6, BeiDou-B1/B2/B2a/B3, and L-band correction service frequency band, the Tallysman TW162 and the TW164 are professional-grade GNSS signal splitters.

Both new releases, the TW162, and the TW164 share some great new features:

  • They accept power from all attached receivers
  • In the event of a power failure of one receiver, they automatically switch
  • Both offer detection and indication of antenna failure
  • Each is enclosed within a well-built military-grade aluminum enclosure
  • Very low noise
  • IP67-Compliant
  • Provide amplification to compensate for any loss due to signal splitting

Applications include

  • Network and infrastructure timing
  • GNSS receiver testing
  • High-availability applications
  • GNSS signal distribution

These new GNSS band signal splitters allow for use of multiple receivers with a single antenna. Suitable for harsh environments, they can be used in a variety of applications and locations. To avoid service interruptions, resilient, fault-tolerant components are essential to GNSS applications. With improved GNSS service reliability, you’ll never worry about signal reception failures. 

Tallysman’s new resilient and fault-tolerant Smart Power GNSS signal splitters are available at competitive prices from Blue Planet Geomatics.

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