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AntaRx-S3 GNSS Smart Antenna

The AntaRx GNSS smart antenna is now available and promises to redefine standards within the industry, offering a blend of robustness, precision, and versatility that professionals have come to expect from our selection at Blue Planet Geomatics.

In an era where efficiency and precision drive success in industrial operations, Blue Planet Geomatics is proud to present a game-changing solution for engineers and industry professionals across the construction, precision agriculture, and logistics sectors. The AntaRx GNSS smart antenna, by Septentrio, is your key to unlocking unmatched accuracy and reliability in demanding environments.


The AntaRx-S3 GNSS smart antenna is a sophisticated solution crafted by Septentrio for professionals seeking unparalleled precision in machine automation and control. This cutting-edge device is ideal for applications within construction, precision agriculture, logistics, and more, guaranteeing a high degree of reliability and performance even in the most challenging environments.

The AntaRx-S3 stands out for its robust design, housed in a ruggedized enclosure capable of withstanding high levels of shocks and vibrations. This durability ensures consistent operation, making it perfectly suited for harsh industrial conditions. Its core is built on Septentrio’s extensive GNSS experience, offering multi-frequency reception for RTK positioning accuracy down to the centimetre, which is crucial for equipment manufacturers and system integrators who demand precise control and flexibility.

Septentrio, emphasizes the product’s rigorous testing against industry standards and its versatility in various industrial settings. The AntaRx can function not only as a standalone GNSS smart antenna but also as part of a GNSS/INS system, integrating a top-tier Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for enhanced performance.

The integration of Septentrio’s GNSS+ algorithms, including advanced multipath mitigation, allows the AntaRx-S3 smart antenna to deliver uninterrupted operation in conditions where other devices falter. Whether it’s operating near towering structures or amidst heavy machinery, this smart antenna ensures that your projects progress smoothly without the risk of signal loss or interference. The high update rate and low latency facilitate accurate execution of plans during rapid movements or rotations, setting a new standard for efficiency and reliability.

Features of the AntaRx-S3 GNSS Smart Antenna

  • Ruggedized Housing: Built to endure high shock and vibration levels, suitable for harsh industrial settings.
  • High-Accuracy RTK Positioning: Multi-frequency reception ensures centimetre-level precision.
  • Versatile Offerings: Available in both GNSS smart antenna and GNSS/INS configurations for greater application flexibility.
  • Advanced GNSS+ Algorithms: Features such as multipath mitigation support operation in challenging conditions.
  • High Update Rate and Low Latency: Guarantees precise operation during fast movements or rotations.
  • Dual Antenna Mode: For enhanced accuracy and reliability in positioning.
  • Cellular Communication: Ensures seamless data transfer and connectivity.


AntaRx-S3 GNSS Smart Antenna Data Sheet

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