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AntaRx-Si3 GNSS/INS Smart Antenna

At Blue Planet Geomatics, we understand the critical importance of precision and reliability in geomatics operations. This understanding drives our selection of GPS/GNSS solutions, bringing you the AntaRx-Si3 GNSS Smart Antenna from Septentrio. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, the AntaRx-Si3 stands out as the first GNSS/INS (Inertial Navigation System) smart antenna enclosed in an ultra-rugged case, designed to simplify installations on machinery like agriculture robots and to endure the harshest environmental conditions.

The AntaRx-Si3 marries high-availability positioning with effortless installation, making it an ideal choice for both OEM applications and aftermarket upgrades. Its innovative design permits quick detachment, safeguarding against theft or vandalism. This smart antenna thrives in demanding settings, utilizing Septentrio’s proprietary GNSS+ algorithms and FUSE+ technology to maintain consistent, centimetre-level accuracy even when GNSS signals are compromised, such as beneath foliage or near reflective surfaces.


Designed with precision, robustness, and simplicity in mind, the AntaRx-Si3 stands out as a groundbreaking solution in the world of high-precision GNSS/INS positioning technology. Catering specifically to professionals in industrial engineering, agriculture, and beyond, this product ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability for a multitude of applications.

Enclosed in an ultra-rugged, impact-resistant polycarbonate IP69K housing, the AntaRx-Si3 is engineered to withstand harsh environments, high levels of shock, and intense vibrations. This smart antenna is perfect for mounting on machinery operating in demanding outdoor conditions. Whether it’s for agricultural robots, construction vehicles, or any heavy-duty equipment, the AntaRx-Si3 promises endurance and resilience.

Featuring Septentrio’s proprietary FUSE+ technology, the AntaRx-Si3 offers consistent high-accuracy RTK positioning down to the centimetre level. Its integration of an Inertial Navigation System (INS) with a GNSS receiver ensures constant position availability, even in environments where GNSS signal reception may be challenged. This capability is crucial for applications demanding high positional integrity and reliability, particularly in autonomous systems.

The built-in cell modem streamlines installation, removing the need for external modem integrations to acquire high-accuracy corrections. Its compatibility with a wide range of communication protocols facilitates a seamless integration process into existing systems, ensuring minimal effort for upgrades or new deployments.


Features of the AntaRx-Si3 GNSS/INS Smart Antenna

  • Ultra-Rugged Enclosure: Designed with an IP69K impact-resistant polycarbonate housing, perfect for outdoor operation in harsh environments.
  • Ease of Installation: Engineered for easy installation on machinery with minimal effort, ideal for both OEM and aftermarket applications.
  • High-Integrity Positioning: Leveraging GNSS/INS FUSE+ technology for high-availability positioning even in compromised GNSS signal conditions.
  • Advanced Multipath Mitigation: Incorporates Septentrio’s GNSS+ algorithms, ensuring uninterrupted operation near reflective surfaces.
  • Centimeter-Level Accuracy: Delivers high-accuracy RTK positioning, essential for precision agriculture and autonomous machine guidance.
  • Integrated Cell Modem: Eliminates the need for additional modem integration, facilitating quick access to high-accuracy corrections.
  • High Update Rate & Low Latency: Critical for control loops in autonomous movement, ensuring precise and timely operations.

AntaRx-Si3 GNSS/INS Smart Antenna Data Sheet

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