The FRPA-3EW active antenna is designed for military and civilian applications requiring high performance and extreme quality. The FRPA-3EW antenna can withstand various challenging environments and still receives signals in the air, on the ground, or on the seas.

This is a wider band antenna with frequency ranges of FRPA Upper Band (1559 – 1626.5 MHz) and FPRA Lower Band (1189 – 1254 MHz). The FRPA-3EW antenna includes an LNA with high linearity performance. Additionally, the noise figure for this antenna is 3.0 dB. For comparison, a distant whisper is between 20 dB and 30 dB.

The antenna enclosure is constructed of high-grade polymer, which is able to withstand everything from UV rays, rain, and lightning to chemical and jet fuels, making it ideal for the electronic warfare environment. Its compact and lightweight design allows for excellent portability without hindering the FRPA-3EW antenna’s ability to receive a signal at a high level.

The FRPA-3EW antenna features a water-proof and element-proof radome, excellent gain, small form factor, portability, and a bottom mount. There are available options for the FRPA-3EW antenna to meet your exact needs. Available connector types are TNC female, which comes standard or opt for  N female, SMA female, and. The colour schemes available for the FRPA-3EW are standard green or choose from glossy white, black, desert sand or gray. A bottom mount, as well as antenna mounting plate AP-3A-RA2, are also available. — Your exact FRPA-3EW active antenna would come with features that meet your specific needs.

The FRPA-3EW antenna has been engineered to meet various environmental and EMI/EMC requirements such as mechanical vibrations, shock, high and low temperature, temperature shock, altitude change, humidity, salt fog, fungus, sand and dust, and radiation. Again, the FRPA-3EW has been designed for challenging military electronic warfare environments requiring extreme precision; therefore, it must be reliable and capable of withstanding virtually anything.

Whether it’s a military, marine, navy, or civilian situation if you require a GNSS active antenna that will function at peak performance in impossible situations, feel free to contact us with your needs.

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