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GPS Source GLI-METRO – The Smart Amplifier

GPS Smart Amplifier, passes L1 (L2 optional), high frequency selectivity, precise control over output signal level, antenna monitor option.



The GLI-METRO marks the integration of the latest GPS Amplifier technology into a simple, self-contained unit. With this smart amplifier, the user has precise control over effective radiated power (ERP) levels. This is regardless of the uncertain loss or gain in the receive antenna cable network. It is smart enough to automatically condition the signal and prevent changes in performance. With an optional Bluetooth wireless interface also available, it may be configured remotely.

It can help anyone working in an automated test environment or in a shielded room, safely bring the GPS signal inside.

The GLI-METRO is only available to qualified parties, which include the following: International Customers (outside the U.S.), agencies of the US Federal Government, parties operating under the direction of the US Federal Government, parties that have received an STA or Experimental License under part 5 of the FCC rules, or parties that will be operating GPS Repeaters in an anechoic chamber.

Key Features

  • Precise control over output signal level
  • Passes L1 (L1/L2 optional)
  • High frequency selectivity
  • Perfect for any GPS application involving a shielded room and/or automated testing environment

Available Options

  • Passive Antenna
  • Active Antenna
  • Antenna monitor
  • Swivel Mount
  • COPRO Surge Protector
  • C240 coaxial cable
  • Power Supply AC & DC
  • Filter L1/L2
  • Bluetooth
  • Pole Mount


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