With characteristics such as operating temperatures of -40°C to 85°C and a rugged design, the GPS Source RF signal splitter MS14GT-A00 has been built with challenging applications in mind. Alongside freezing and extremely hot applications, the MS14GT-A00 will be able to withstand any aerial and ground application without missing a beat.

Some of the features that highlight the toughness of the MS14GT-A00 are the EMI shielding and hermetically sealed options as standard, designed to make the GPS source RF signal splitter that much more reliable. The MS14GT-A00 is also waterproof and designed to meet military specifications.

The MS14GT-A00 also features an antenna DC bias select circuit. With this feature, the DC input from the antenna will be sent to either only certain or all RF outputs. The feature will send power to the antenna from a single DC voltage, while other DC inputs become blocked outputs. The feature will automatically switch the DC in case of any issues or if the input DC becomes disconnected, allowing the antenna to be powered at all times. Plainly put, the MS14GT-A00 can be set up to pass DC from any output to the antenna input port while the remaining RF outputs become blocked with a 200 Ohm DC load.

Dividing the RF signals from the antenna input to the RF outputs evenly are the classical Wilkinson Splitter elements and amplification stages with a standard gain of 00dB. The Amplified High Isolation Configuration are 50 Ohm signal attenuators that provide additional isolation between the RF ports. However, the MS14GT signal splitter can operate correctly without 50 Ohm terminations on unplugged ports. The standard configuration is adequate if emissions from one GPS receiver cause interference with a GPS receiver from another output port.

Connecting or installing the MS14GT will require connecting a coaxial cable feeding the active GPS antenna. After that, attach coaxial cables to desired outputs, but keep in mind that at least one coaxial cable connected to an output must be able to provide enough DC voltage to operate both the GPS antenna and the MS14GT.

The MS14GT-A00 GPS signal splitter can withstand shock, temperature and altitude changes, explosive atmospheres, and humid atmospheres and is an inflammable device. Again the MS14GT-A00 is designed to withstand extreme conditions without malfunctioning.