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Order by calling: 1.519.821.3661

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Swift Navigation – Skylark Correction Service

Skylark, from Swift Navigation, is a unique and innovative cloud-based GNSS corrections service that delivers affordable, fast, centimetre-level accuracy. Skylark also eliminates the hassle of integrating high-precision GNSS technology with your current system. The Skylark corrections service was designed and built from the ground-up for autonomy at scale and allows for high-precision positioning for automotive and autonomous applications. Request a quote today and find out how affordable it is to use the Skylark corrections service.



Skylark is the easy-to-use, plug-and-play correction service you’ve been looking for. Compared to competing services that require you to be tethered to base stations that can take up to 30 minutes to initiate, Skylark is a completely cloud-based solution that provides fast initialization with incredibly high precision. Skylark’s online dashboard makes for efficient device registration and simple management from virtually anywhere.


  • Cloud-Based Correction Service
  • Fast Convergence Times (Measured in Seconds)
  • Centimetre-Accurate Positioning
  • Transparent and Flexible Pricing Plans
  • State-of-the-Art TLS security and encryption
  • Online Dashboard


  • High-Precision GNSS
  • Fast Initialization in a Highly-Available Network
  • Built from the Ground Up for Autonomy at Scale
  • Designed for High-Integrity and Availability
  • Eliminates Dependence on Individual Base Stations


Are you interested in the Swift Navigation Skylark correction services? Simply request a quote today and we’ll respond promptly.

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