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Trimble BD940-INS Receiver Board

The Trimble BD940-INS integrates the most recent high-precision inertial sensors on one module where your high-accuracy positions are produced in all kinds of environments. With the number of satellites above us continuously growing, the BD940-INS is can take advantage of new signals as they become available.



The Trimble BD940-INS is designed for applications that require continuous centimetre accuracy in a manageable, compact package. By integrating inertial sensors on the same module, robust high-accuracy positions are produced in even the harshest environments. The GNSS components are fully shielded which helps ensure the high-quality signals are protected from the sources of EMI on the host platform.


  • Trimble Maxwell 7 Technology
  • Onboard high accuracy inertial sensor package integrated with GNSS for precise position and orientation
  • 336 Channels for multi-constellation GNSS support
  • Trimble RTX and OmniSTAR Support
  • EMI shielded module
  • Compact design for mobile applications
  • Flexible RS232, USB and Ethernet interfacing
  • Centimetre level position accuracy
  • Advanced RF Spectrum Monitoring

Technical Specifications

 Size(L x W x H):   60 mm x 67 mm x 15 mm
Channels: 336
LNA Gain: 32.0 dB (Minimum Required)
Operating Temperature: -40 C to 75 C


To order the Trimble BD940-INS triple-frequency receiver or if you have any questions, simply request a quote today.


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