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Trimble® GA830 GNSS Antennas

The Trimble® GA830 GNSS Antenna is a general purpose GNSS rover antenna ideal for dynamic applications where position and heading are required. The GA830 offers excellent OmniSTAR (L-Band), GPS and GLONASS signal reception, making it ideal for use with the OmniSTAR G2 service as well as GPS/GLONASS positioning and heading applications.



The Trimble GA830 GNSS Antenna is a general-purpose, robust, low-multipath GPS antenna designed for centimetre-level accuracy and uses in marine and land applications. It is intended for marine, land, and vehicle applications. Due to its ruggedness and reliability, the GA830 is designed for installation on pile driving rigs, marine vessels, cranes, construction barges, and many other marine applications.

Its exceptional Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) and RTK performance are most suitable for heading and position applications. Its 5/8” x 11 female threaded mount and hardy enclosure allow the antenna to operate in harsh temperatures and conditions.

The GA830 features high rejection filtering (1614 – 1624 MHz), which reduces the interference of Iridium transmissions, which is often the cause of GNSS signal loss on construction vessels.

The antenna is designed to track low elevation satellites and deliver enhanced signal-to-noise ratios. The GA830 also offers full coverage for current and near-future GNSS signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, IRNSS, and L-Band for OmniSTAR and Trimble RTX. In addition, it offers MSK beacon and SBAS support for marine operations.

The GA830 offers superb OmniSTAR (L-Band), GPS, and GLONASS signal reception. These make it fit for use with the OmniSTAR G2 service and GPS/GLONASS positioning and heading applications.

The antenna’s operating temperature is -40 C to +70 C (-40 oF to +158 oF), meaning it can withstand extreme temperatures while remaining perfectly operative. Its hardiness is complemented by its compact dimensions of 14.9cm diameter x 9.8cm height (5.87 in diameter x 3.88 in height) and a very portable weight of 0.82 Kg (1.8lb). In addition, it has a storage temperature of -55 C to +85 C (-67 oF to +185 oF).

In terms of environmental qualifications, the shock is 75 Gs, 6ms. The duration is three shocks in mutually perpendicular axes, 2m pole drop, and 1m handling drop. The vibration is 9.8 gRMS, 24-2000 Hz. Fully sealed, it is 100 percent humidity proof.

All these outstanding features are why the Trimble GA830 GNSS Antenna is recommended for the best MSS reception (includes Fugro Marinestar®, OmniSTAR, and CenterPoint RTX)


  • Economical GNSS antenna for precision RTK marine applications
  • Ruggedized housing for marine conditions
  • Additional high rejection filtering 1614 – 1624 MHz to reduce interference from
  • Iridium transmissions
  • Capable of using free differential corrections from MSK Beacons and SBAS
  • Recommended for best OmniSTAR and CenterPoint RTX reception
  • Comprehensive GNSS support
  • Robust low-elevation satellite tracking


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