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Trimble MB-TWO Receiver Board

The Trimble MB-TWO is the versatile, powerful, and compact high-performance OEM module you’ve been looking for. The MB-TWO provides faster dual-frequency based heading acquisition and an improved positioning engine with additional GNSS signals. For full GNSS attitude, two modules can be used for Precise Platform Position (P3) using data from three antennas.



Trimble’s MB-TWO is the successor to the popular MB-ONE OEM receiver module, improving on an already successful Trimble product. The MB-TWO keeps the identical exterior form as its predecessor and offers customers a drop-in replacement option that uses latest GNSS design innovations. The MB-TWO provides faster dual-frequency-based heading acquisition and an improved RTK/PPP positioning engine with multiple GNSS signals.


  • Z-Blade technology
  • 5 dual-band GNSS
  • Conventional and Advanced RTK
  • Precise Point Positioning
  • Heading + Pitch/Roll
  • Full Attitude
  • Web User Interface
  • Superior Connectivity
  • Standardized form factor and interfaces
  • Low power consumption

Technical Specifications

 Weight:   24 g
Channels: 240
LNA Gain: 17 to 37 dB
Operating Temperature: -40 C to 85 C
 Size(L x W x H):  71 mm x 46 mm x 11 mm


To order the Trimble MB-TWO, or if you have any questions about Trimble products request a quote today.


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