Septentrio AsteRx SB

When you’re looking for the newest and most capable GPS/GNSS equipment, look no further than Blue Planet.

Leading GNSS receiver manufacturer Septentrio has announced the arrival of its AsteRx SB which was first showcased in April at Expomin in Santiago, Chile and Intermat in Paris, France.

We’re excited to announce that Septentrio’s all-new AsteRx SB GNSS receiver has arrived and it is an impressive product. Rugged, durable, compact, light, and incredibly accurate, the AsteRx SB is perfect for a host of commercial and industrial applications. Not only is it capable, it is also easy to integrate by offering both cable and wireless connections. Get more information on our product page including a detailed datasheet.

Here’s more information from Septentrio’s official announcement: 

The AsteRx SB delivers Septentrio’s ground-breaking quad-constellation RTK in a low-power, IP68 compliant housing. Built around the hugely successful AsteRx-m2 GNSS receiver engine, the AsteRx SB features WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet and serial connectivity. Septentrio’s GNSS+ suite of positioning algorithms converts difficult environments into good positioning: LOCK+ technology to maintain tracking during heavy vibration, APME+ to combat multipath and IONO+ technology to ensure position accuracy during periods of elevated ionospheric activity.

The AsteRx SB also features AIM+ interference mitigation and monitoring system which can suppress the widest variety of interferers, from simple continuous narrowband signals to the most complex wideband and pulsed jammers.

Key benefits for users:

  • Quad-constellation, multi-frequency, all-in-view RTK receiver
  • Robust and compact IP68 weatherproof housing
  • AIM+ interference monitoring and mitigation system
  • L-band PPP, RTK, scalable accuracy
  • High-update rate, low-latency positioning
  • Base and rover operation
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, Serial and USB communications
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