SwiftNav Skylark Correction SystemWe are proud to announce that SwiftNav’s Skylark Correction System is now available from Blue Planet Geomatics. This industry-leading correction service is cloud-based, easy to integrate, and delivers centimetre-level accuracy.

The Skylark correction system can be accessed from just about anywhere, while still being incredibly secure. The Skylark system includes state-of-the-art TLS security and encryption, so you can rest assured your data is safe from prying eyes. For more information, check out our product page including a detailed datasheet.

Here is what SwiftNav highlighted about their innovative Skylark Correction System in a recent statement:

Plug-and-Play Positioning
Skylark offers a plug-and-play user experience that delivers fast convergence times required by autonomous solutions. It uses cutting-edge positioning algorithms to provide a continuous stream of data to individual devices from the cloud. This data stream allows for quick and robust positioning and high reliability and availability, even in challenging environments.

Infrastructure as a Service
Unlike existing local high-precision solutions that leave users tethered to base stations, Skylark provides a simple path for customers to achieve centimeter accuracy. Legacy global high-precision solutions that offer centimeter-accuracy require up to 30 minutes of waiting during initialization, while Skylark provides fast initialization with high precision. By moving the service to the cloud, Skylark creates a platform for high-precision GNSS navigation of autonomous vehicles, via Internet connectivity. The Skylark end-user experience is further simplified by an online dashboard for fast device registration and management.

High-Precision Corrections
Skylark creates a precise and constantly adapting model of the atmosphere and related errors affecting GPS. This sophisticated model eliminates dependence on individual base stations and is hosted in the cloud so that high precision correction data can be accessed anywhere within the Skylark network with high availability. Connected users simply turn on their devices to get the data they need.

Integrity, Reliability, and Affordability
Skylark was designed on the principle of fast, simple, high-precision delivered with high integrity, availability, and affordability. Building on Swift Navigation’s foundation of making GPS positioning technology more accurate and affordable, Skylark maintains low bandwidth to save on data costs and is offers flexible pricing plans.

From its GNSS sensor network to its use of the cloud, Skylark is built for scale. The team at Swift utilize a unique approach to processing data with the end result delivering information more efficiently across the network. Swift is integrating and optimizing this information with a team of professionals experienced at building critical infrastructure in the cloud. Skylark delivers speed and simplicity by scaling the science of GNSS positioning as a service, not simply a piece of software.

Easy Monitoring
With its accessible, online dashboard, Skylark allows for fast device registration and the ability to easily manage and monitor network status—available everywhere one has cellular data or Internet connection.

Leverages Swift Technology
Skylark works seamlessly with Swift’s multi-band, multi-constellation GNSS receiver, Piksi® Multi and with its ruggedized version, Duro®. For those who are not yet Swift customers, the Duro Starter Kit has everything needed to quickly get connected to Skylark.

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