TALLYMATICS Inc., a division of Tallysman Wireless, is proud to present its newest Smart Antenna – the TW5390. It comes with both IP-Network and L-Band Augmentation Service capabilities, giving users the power of highly accurate GNSS applications and equipment. The TW5390 integrates Tallysman’s premier GNSS antenna technology and the high-precision u-Blox F9R GNSS receiver and DS9 L-Band receiver modules. The PPP-RTK augmentation services give the Smart Antenna <6 cm accuracy, making it reliable and user-friendly. Its RS-485 interface ensures that it provides your system with the highest precision coordinates, surpassing all expectations.

The TW5390 is equipped with an L-Band correction receiver that provides an outstanding 10 cm accuracy without the need for an RTK base station – unlike conventional RTK approaches. With Point Perfect’s streaming corrections, users are able to benefit from quick convergence and steady corrections even in places where IP/Network is unavailable. The Point Perfect subscription service is available in the continental US and Europe. Additionally, it can also be set up to work with the IP/Network corrections stream when facing the challenge of urban settings with weaker L-Band coverage.


  • Integrated L-Band corrections receiver for exceptional precision
  • Improved noise immunity with multi-band GNSS receiver
  • Improved multi-path rejection with Dual feed Accutenna™
  • Multi-band GNSS receiver is unaffected by ionospheric errors
  • High-reliability timing with expansive constellation array
  • IMU for UDR provides continuous availability during periods of signal loss

Learn more about the Tallysman AJ977XF here

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