GPS signal splitters weren’t initially designed to withstand many different challenging situations. However, the MS14GT-A00 was built to a military standard to withstand any imaginable aerial and ground application.

Some of the essential characteristics of the MS14GT are its ability to withstand operating temperatures of -40oC to 85oC, temperature and altitude changes, shocks, explosive and humid atmospheres, and it’s a non-flammable device. All of that, and much more, is possible because of the MS14GT’s EMI shielding and hermetically sealed case that make the GPS signal splitter arguably the most reliable GPS signal splitter on the market.

The rugged and tough design aren’t the only attributes making the MS14GT standout; there’s also the DC bias select circuit feature. This feature sends the DC input from the antenna to only desired or all RF outputs. The DC voltage will be sent to power the antenna from a single output that becomes an input, while other DC inputs become blocked outputs. The input port that supplies the antenna with DV voltage will be switched automatically by the GPS signal splitter in case of any issues or if the input port becomes disconnected. This way, the antenna stays powered at all times. The MS14GT GPS signal splitter can receive and send DC voltage from a single input to the antenna while the remaining RF outputs become blocked with 200 Ohm DC loads.

Making sure that the signals between the RF outputs don’t mix up are amplification stages and Wilkinson Splitter elements with a standard gain of 00dB. 50 Ohm signal attenuators are in place to provide more isolation between the RF ports with the Amplified High Isolation Configuration. However, the standard 00dB confirmation is adequate and allows the device to operate with unplugged ports and without the Amplified High Isolation Configuration.

The MS14GT GPS signal splitter is complicated and engineered to deliver the best results; however, the installation is as simple as can possibly be. All you have to do is connect a coaxial cable from the GPS antenna to the MS14GT signal splitter. You will then have to connect a coaxial cable with enough DC voltage to power the GPS antenna and the MS14GT signal splitter to one of the outputs. After that, you can use the other RF outputs.

Summed up, the MS14GT GPS signal splitter is an almost bulletproof device with technology that’s simple to use and technology that will not fail.

Specifically designed for rugged applications including the rigors of aircraft or ground vehicle applications, the MS14GT-A00 4-Port Ruggedized GPS Splitter is now available at competitive prices from Blue Planet Geomatics.


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