The brand new FRPA-3EW active antenna is developed with extraordinary quality and performance in mind to suit various military, navy, marine, or civilian applications. This antenna can perform in the air, on the ground, or on the sea without skipping a beat. It operates on wider frequency ranges of FRPA Upper Band (1559 – 1626.5 MHz) and FPRA Lower Band (1189 – 1254 MHz). An LNA with high linearity performance is also included within the miniature dimensions of the FRPA-3EW antenna.

One of the lesser perks of the FRPA-3EW antenna is its noise figure of 3.0 dB; for comparison, a distance whisper is between 20 dB and 30 dB of noise. Its more prominent perks are the FRPA-3EW’s very compact and lightweight design, making the antenna easily portable. Another advantage is the high-grade polymer shell that protects the antenna from elements such as UV rays, rain, and lightning, as well as chemical and jet fuels. Not only will the high-grade polymer enclosure protect the antenna, but it’ll allow it to perform at the highest capacity.

The FRPA-3EW antenna meets other environmental and EMI/EMC requirements, again allowing the antenna to perform in the toughest of environments. The requirements met are mechanical vibrations, external or internal shock, extremely high or extremely low temperatures as well as temperature shock, high altitude and altitude change, humidity, salt, fog, fungus, sand and dust, and radiation. You can count on the reliability of the FRPA-3EW antenna regardless of the circumstance.

A few other features that the FRPA-3EW antenna brings are water- and element-proof radome, portability, small form factor, excellent gain, and a bottom mount. The colour schemes are available: glossy white, black, gray, desert sand, and standard green. Various connectors are available, such as N female, SMA female, and TNC female connector, which is standard. Antenna mounting plate AP-3A-RA2 and a bottom mount are also available. By contacting us with your exact needs and requirements, we’ll be able to send you the FRPA-3EW antenna perfectly suited to your needs.

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