Tallysman SSL990XF Extended-Filter Housed Full-Band GNSS Low-Profile Antenna

Tallysman has just introduced the smallest and lightest full-band, precision GNSS antenna on the market.

The patent-pending SSL990XF, utilizes a derivative of Tallysman’s patented VeroStar antenna element to provide full GNSS + L-band corrections frequency coverage. Measuring a mere 63mm in diameter and 28mm tall, and weighing ~50 grams, it is one of the smallest and lightest housed full-band precision antennas on the market. 

A full band antenna, the Tallysman SSL990XF supports (GPS/QZSS L1/L2/L5, QZSS L6, GLONASS G1/G2/G3, Galileo E1/E5ab/E6 and BeiDou B1/B2ab/B3) and L-Band correction services. 

Housed in a weatherproof (IP67) enclosure, the Tallysman SSL990XF can be mounted using your choice of adhesive tape, or a mounting collar that comes with a waterproofing O-ring.

Recommended applications of the Tallysman SSL990XF Extended-Filter Housed Full-Band GNSS Low-Profile Antenna

  • Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Precision GNSS positioning
  • Precision land survey positioning
  • Mission-critical GNSS timing
  • Marine and avionics systems

 Tallysman SSL990XF Features:

  • Very low noise preamp (2.5 dB typ.)
  • Axial ratio (≤ 1.5 dB at zenith)
  • High LNA gain (28 dB typ. | 35 dB typ.)
  • Low current (25 mA typ. | 31 mA typ.)
  • ESD circuit protection (15 kV)
  • Invariant performance from 2.2 to 16 VDC
  • REACH and RoHS compliant

Benefits of the Tallysman SSL990XF

  • Extremely light (50 g)
  • Excellent RH circular polarized signal reception
  • Great multipath rejection
  • Increased system accuracy
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  • Industrial temperature range

Learn more about the Tallysman SSL990XF here

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