The Tallysman® HC997EXF antenna opens doors for new possibilities with its precision, performance, and design. This highly versatile antenna can have many applications, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), different marine, navy, as well as avionics systems, land survey positioning, and many more.

Equipped with triple-band GNSS coverage, the Tallysman® HC997EXF antenna receives multiple satellite signals at once, which makes it accurate and precise because it won’t lose connection at any point. The antenna covers frequency bands such as GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, NavlC, as well as SBAS systems (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN), and L-band correction services.

The entire upper GNSS band and L-Band correction services (1539 – 1606 MHz) and the lower band, 91 MHz signal bandwidth (1164 – 1255 MHz), are supported by the Tallysman® HC997EXF. Designed with an axial ratio of 2.5 dBi and 0.5 dB, Right Hand Circular Polarized (RHCP) signals are captured, while the reflected LHCP signals become reflected. This results in unmatched multipath mitigation.

The eXtended Filtering (XF) technology further mitigates, or filters, false frequencies. Signals that usually affect GNSS antennas are now filtered out. These frequencies are very close to the range of a GNSS antenna; North American Ligado services (1526 – 1536 MHz), Inmarsat satellite communication uplink (1626.5 – 1660.5 MHz), European LTE bands (1452 – 1496 MHz), and Japanese LTE bands (1476 – 1511 MHz) have affected GNSS antennas causing false positioning which made them useless in mission-critical situations. The XF system now filters such signals, making the Tallysman® HC997EXF precise and error-free.

All of this wouldn’t be extraordinary if the Tallysman® HC997EXF didn’t have a compact design of 60 mm in width and 25 mm in length, weighing only 11 grams! The antenna can also operate without a ground plane, further increasing its versatility. Keep in mind that due to its highly complicated systems combined with the compact design, the installation has to be handled with precision and care. Failure to install the Tallysman® HC997EXF adequately leads to suboptimal performance because the ground plane below the antenna affects the tuning.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the Tallysman® HC997EXF is fitted with an industry-leading, low-noise amplifier (LNA). The LNA is integrated with a low-loss pre-filter that is responsible for filtering unwanted frequencies while unaffecting GNSS signals. 

Tallysman provides support for installation and optimization of the HC997EXF and every other Helix Technology antenna. 

One of the most advanced GNSS heading and positioning boards available, the Tallysman® HC997EXF antenna is now available at competitive prices from Blue Planet Geomatics.


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