The Trimble BD9250 is a dual-frequency OEM GNSS receiver board engineered for precise positioning applications. Lightweight and providing centimetre-level accuracy with an integrated MSS-Band to support the Trimble RTX service, the Trimble BD9250 offers users the capability to choose the ideal frequency for operators, allowing for a maximum number of observations.

Trimble BD9250 is easy to use with excellent flexibility that allows you to set up the unit in no time. As with all Trimble-embedded technologies, easy-to-use software commands make integration easy and cut down on development time. Its easy integration and rugged dependability make it suitable for a variety of applications. Onboard Ethernet connectivity allows for high-speed data transfer and standard web browser configuration. The BD9250 also supports USB, CAN and RS-232. All features are password upgradable, enabling upgraded functionality as your requirements change.

The Trimble BD9250 supports dual-frequency for GLONASS, BeiDou, NavIC, Galileo, QZSS, and GPS constellations. As the number of satellites in the constellation grows, the Trimble BD9250 can take advantage of these additional signals to provide more reliable and quicker RTK initializations, delivering centimetre-level position accuracy. Choose either the L2 orL5 frequency to optimize signal performance and maximize the number of measurements available to the GNSS engine.

 Featuring the latest Trimble Maxwell™ 7 Technology, the Trimble BD9250 provides:

  • Trimble ProPoint RTK/RTX Engine
  • 336 Tracking Channels
  • Trimble Everest Plus multipath mitigation
  • Advanced RF Spectrum Monitoring and Analysis
  • Proven low-elevation tracking technology
  • Anti-spoofing protection

The Trimble BD9250 GNSS receiver is designed to deliver high-accuracy positioning for a range of high-volume, autonomous-ready applications used in the agriculture, construction, robotics and logistics industries worldwide. Trimble puts their decades of engineering expertise, system intelligence and field-proven solutions to work as Trimble Autonomy. This division of Trimble delivers leading positioning and orientation technology to major industrial markets worldwide.

Learn more about the Trimble BD9250 GNSS receiver here


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