As the geospatial community descends on Frankfurt, Germany for the 2018 INTERGEO conference, Tallysman is already creating a buzz, unveiling the all-new VeraChoke GNSS choke ring antenna, and it is nothing short of astounding.

Billed as the most accurate choke ring antenna on the market today, Tallysman has adapted the innovations behind their popular VeraPhase antenna and included them in the VeraChoke. According to Tallysman:

“It offers a choice in form-factor for reference and monitoring applications, while also delivering the best performance of any choke ring antenna available on the market.”

The first model variant of the VeraChoke antenna is the VC6100 and shares a common, high-efficiency design with its VeraPhase counterpart. The antenna has the familiar choke-style form-factor, but the rings on the VC6100 have been optimized for all GNSS signals which have a unique shape for improved reception of low elevation satellites. The VC6100 offers a new class of accuracy, delivering the tightest Phase Centre Variation available—no more than ±1mm for every frequency.

In a recent press release, Tallysman expanded on the antenna’s capabilities saying, “The VC6100 is capable of receiving all GNSS signals and achieves a very low axial ratio. As with all of Tallysman’s high-performance antennas, the VC6100 is competitively priced to help increase antenna density for reference deployments, CORS networks, and monitoring applications. The antenna also supports large and small SCIGN radomes.”

Tallysman is known for producing industry-leading antennas and related components, and the VeraChoke is an impressive addition to their line of high-quality products. Browse our extensive selection of Tallysman products and find the capable, affordable equipment you’ve been looking for.

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