Coinciding with the company’s 10th anniversary, Tallysman GNSS introduces its latest GNSS antenna, named the VeroStar. This innovative antenna has been designed to receive all GNSS signals along with L-Band Corrections Services. 

Supporting military, marine, agriculture, survey, aviation, machine control and other demanding applications, the Tallysman GNSS VeroStar antenna comes loaded with a variety of compelling features. These features include:

  • A light, compact and robust design
  • Low axial ratios from zenith to horizon
  • Very tight phase centre variation (PCV), less than 2mm
  • Low 60mA current
  • High G/T at low elevation angles
  • Invariant performance from +3 to 16VDC

Applications of this innovative technology include land survey, marine, High Precision GNSS systems, Reference Networks, RTK/PPP systems and Deformation Monitoring Stations. 

Offering consistent performance across all frequency bands, the VeroStar offers extreme precision, excellent multipath rejection and the broadest tracking elevation (0°-90°). REACH and RoHS compliant, the VeroStar will also reduce time to market for your applications. 

Its performance rivaling all compact full band GNSS antennas, the patent pending VeroStar VSP600L is smaller, lighter, more robust and more power efficient while remaining economical. Featuring a unique full GNSS bandwidth crossed-dipole antenna element with excellent radiating pattern with low roll off, the VeroStar provides exceptional low elevation satellite tracking with a high efficiency radiating element.

A variety of models are available, including double, triple and full GNSS frequency coverage with or without L-band support. Offering the ideal design and performance for Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and Precise Point Positioning (PPP) applications, the VeroStar also features an innovative low noise amplifier with superior out-of-band filtering. Its waterproof (IP69K compliant) and compact design is surface screw mountable for simplicity.

Delivering unprecedented antenna precision at competitive prices, Ottawa-based Tallysman is a leading manufacturer of high-precision antennas and components for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) applications.

The new VeroStar Antenna from Tallysman GNSS is available through Blue Planet Geomatics, your source for professional-grade GNSS receivers, boards and antennas from leading manufacturers.

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