Tallysman, based in Ottawa, Canada, specializes in the design, manufacturing, and supply of Iridium antennas and accessories to assist customers in their usage of satellite-enabled positioning, navigation, and data services. The company is committed to providing superior functionality and performance through the implementation of advanced digital wireless networks, RF and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) components.

Tallysman develops and manufactures global positioning components and intelligent location-based wireless infrastructure solutions. Tallysman products are highly regarded throughout the industry. Tallysman boasts the widest range of precision GNSS antennas, all designed and manufactured in Canada.

Accutenna® Technology

Tallysman employs its proprietary Accutenna® technology in a number of its antennas. Independent testing using GPS(L1) and GLONASS(G1) signals revealed that Accutenna® antennas surpass single-feed patch antennas in terms of performance. Accutenna® antennas offer remarkable precision considering their size and price, thanks to their superior multi-path signal rejection.

With the modern development of multi-GNSS systems, Tallysman’s Accutenna® technology is essential to guaranteeing the precision and accuracy required by Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and Precise Point Positioning (PPP) applications.

Helical Technology

Tallysman® helical antennas have been constructed for high-functionality, lightweight utilization, primarily for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). These antennas possess an optimum amount of versatility, allowing for exceptional performance in these settings.

VeroStar® Technology

The VeroStar® antenna is engineered to receive all GNSS signals as well as L-band correction services for various applications such as surveying, maritime navigation, aviation, agricultural operations, and machine control. Its unique design comprises of crossed-driven dipoles that are fed in quadrature coupled to wideband radiating elements to cover the full GNSS Spectrum.  The shape and size of the radiating elements were optimized for low elevation tracking, low axial ratio, and stable phase center.

VeraPhase® Technology

Tallysman’s VeraPhase® technology produces the highest-performing GNSS antennas in the world. The VeraPhase® technology provides:

  • The lowest axial ratios from horizon to horizon across all GNSS frequencies
  • The most stable and tightest Phase Centre Variations across all frequencies (+/- 1mm)
  • The highest gain across all GNSS frequencies (1164 – 1300MHz + 1559 – 1610MHz)

eXtended Filtering (XF) Technology

Due to the introduction of new RF bands which may interfere with GNSS signals, Tallysman has developed its eXtended Filtering technology to guarantee GNSS antennas provide clean and accurate GNSS and L-band corrections signals. XF products from Tallysman are outfitted with high-linearity front-end amplifiers, which are further equipped with pre-filters for each frequency band.

Anti-Jam Technology

Tallysman’s single band (L1/G1/E1/B1) Accutenna® Anti-Jam Antenna technology modifies the antenna radiation pattern so that jammer signals arriving from an elevation angle of +15 to -10 degrees above and below the horizon are blocked. In addition to blocking low-elevation signals, the AJ option slightly increases the antenna gain at high-elevation angles.

Applications for Tallysman Wireless Components

As a leading developer and manufacturer of GNSS, Iridium antennas and accessories, Tallysman® serves a variety of customers who use satellite-based technology for positioning, navigation, and data applications.

  • Timing
  • Navigation & Orientation
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Iridium Satellite Communications
  • Marine
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Rail
  • Survey
  • Geodetic Reference Networks
  • Robotics
  • Wearables
  • Passive Antennas

Tallysman Wireless GNSS Products 

Global Positioning Components – RF Modules, GPS Antennas, GNSS Antennas and Intelligent GNSS Receivers

RF Modules – Telematics, LBand and GNSS inline amplifiers, signal splitters, bias-tees and lightning arresters.

GNSS Antennas – High precision GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Globalstar, Iridium, SBAS and custom antennas. 

GNSS Receivers – Highly accurate application-specific GPS/GLONASS/Galileo Receivers.

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